The site contained several structures belonging to a sewerage treatment plant with all the associated underground and above ground treatment chambers and sprinkler systems. Hazvic removed all hazardous materials inherent in the treatment chambers, demolished, removed and recycled all structures. 

Hazvic also removed and disposed of all hazardous materials inside the UST and demolished, removed and recycled the UST related materials.
Any contaminated soils were identified, stockpiled and disposed of at specialist landfill facilities, with clean fill and crushed rocks being used to restore the profile of the land.

Hazvic was further engaged to assist with the stockpile cleanup and environmental works whereby Hazvic segregated, classified and disposed of all hazardous materials offsite.
This project highlights the efficiencies of having an organization like Hazvic undertake the works. Hazvic  was able to coordinate the parallel environmental sampling, testing and reporting with demolition and  recycling services required in an efficient project delivery in a very cost effect manner.

Mernda Project

Sewerage treatment plant, decommissioned tank removal and remediation of stockpile materials.
A leading environmental company recently engaged Hazvic to assist with the demolition and environmental works including removal of a UST on a School site in Mernda.

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