Some of the asbestos impacted soils were emu-picked by a licensed asbestos removalist, air monitored during the entire process and cleared and certified by a licensed hygienist. Hazvic worked in collaboration with the environmental consultant and the above mentioned groups to identify and provide solutions to the different prescribed waste issues. 

The offsite disposal work was performed in accordance with IWRG 2009 waste management guidelines, all materials were fully sampled and tested in accordance with the sampling guidelines and then classified before transported offsite. We used a licensed landfill to accept the various soil categories and we also used EPA trucks under EPA Victoria waste transport certification. All the soil classification and disposal works were fully documented and traceable. All lab results and the associated documentations and landfill dockets were attached to the report for the client’s information and the site Audit requirements. 
Soil contamination and asbestos materials are inherent in many manufacturing and industrial sites and Hazvic shown it has the ability to rectify the issue and save large amounts of money and time for the client. 

Dandenong Project

Soil remediation, classification and disposal.
Hazvic undertook a project for a private firm on Princess Highway in the Dandenong area. The project involved soil remediation, reclassification and disposal of approximately 2,000 m3 of contaminated soil.  

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